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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clean Sweep

Photo by Megan Jones
1. Wizard? Witch? Broom? How do you get on this thing?  ..V
2. Headline: Brujo really cleans up!  ..V
3. Can't get good help nowadays. A guy's gotta do it himself!  ..V
4. Hey, watch me fly past them all!   ...V
5. Poor horse - these Americans makes this foreign champion
work for his keep. ....K
6. Mr. "M" said if I run real fast we/I would sweep them off their feet.........this is NOT the result I was looking for !  ...JL
7.  "When you want something done right.........."  ..JL
8.  Sorry Thursby, I can't come out and play until my room is clean. Mr. "M's" orders.  ...JL
9.  Now why would someone want to tie food on the end of a stick ?  ...JL
10. Look, Dave! Someone left me a lollipop!  ...V
11. Correction. It's a corn-dog.

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