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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clean Sweep

Photo by Megan Jones
1. Wizard? Witch? Broom? How do you get on this thing?  ..V
2. Headline: Brujo really cleans up!  ..V
3. Can't get good help nowadays. A guy's gotta do it himself!  ..V
4. Hey, watch me fly past them all!   ...V
5. Poor horse - these Americans makes this foreign champion
work for his keep. ....K
6. Mr. "M" said if I run real fast we/I would sweep them off their feet.........this is NOT the result I was looking for !  ...JL
7.  "When you want something done right.........."  ..JL
8.  Sorry Thursby, I can't come out and play until my room is clean. Mr. "M's" orders.  ...JL
9.  Now why would someone want to tie food on the end of a stick ?  ...JL
10. Look, Dave! Someone left me a lollipop!  ...V
11. Correction. It's a corn-dog.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ham Sandwich

Animal Kingdom(KY Derby Winner) (center) training at Fair Hill, in PA. Photo by unidentifed fan.  Note the caption on the cartoon. (Horse looses by not looking forward.)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Letter

Hip # 111, Saratoga Aug 2011 Sale. Colt by Unbridled Song.  Photo by Sarah K. Andrew
1. Is THAT how much they paid for me? Wo-oww! .

2. Nope, that is definitely NOT my signature.
3. This line, here, about payment in oats and hay. I want carrots, mints, and grass written in there.
4. I can't believe she wrote that about me!
5. Nope...Nope ..This won't do. Tell them they are missing a couple of zeros......or no deal.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reading Material

 I love a well-told story!.

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Kathleen said... Now open your hymnals to page 43 and let's all sing "Praise Be to Thee, Divine Cat.  August 4, 2011

Animal Kingdom comments

(I did not take this picture. Photographer unknown)
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1.  Yummmmm, I just love mints!!

2. Same to you, buddy!

3. Kathleen wrote: I've got great fans, but it sure is tough writing all these "Thank You" cards. Blah ... licking stamps is the worst part. 8-4-11

State of Play

State of Play (KY) 2009, by War Front, out of Valeta
(I did not take this picture. Photographer unknown)
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1. Friends sharing a good barn story.

2. State of Play: And I just jumped outa that gate and ran, and ran, and I was right there beside that other horse, and I just ran right off and left him, and I tell you it was like he was standing still...and....and....
       Bob: Yes, yes, you did real good, (is this guy ever going to shut up?) yes, you did!

3. Wellll, excuuuuse Meee!